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Vilnius Street Battle » NESS (FRA)


NESS is a popping dancer from France. Since 2012 he belongs to a crew named WestGang. Ness started dancing 15 years ago, first breaking and after that locking and popping. As his first inspiration he names a locking dancer Manu, as well as Nelson and his crew Westgang!! When judging Ness says he first looks at the dance and only later at pop. “I many people who pop hard but don’t dance.The dance is very important for me”. His latest achievements in battles: Only4Popper 2K17, Versus fighting 2K17, Give it Up 2k17, Battle VNR 2K17, Ghost Flow 2K17, Flow Your Mind 2K17, South Concept 2K17, Qui est le Best 2K17.