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Vilnius Street Battle » MC TRIX (GER/UK)


Albert “Trix” Thompson is a world famous B-Boy and MC in the international breakdance scene. His incredible stage presence and his ability to move the crowd is legendary. Born In 1963 of Jamaican parents he was inducted to the world of music and dance at a very early age. On a Thursday Night in the summer of ‘83 he did what everybody else in Great Britain did at that time — watch the music and entertainment program “Top of the Pops” on BBC. They presented the new song “A Night To Remember” of an American group called Shalamar and one of the members of the group, Jeffrey Daniels, had come over to England for the show. He got on stage with white gloves and danced to the music — a dance nobody in the UK had ever seen before. Trix saw Popping and Locking for the first time and like everybody else in the country was blown away. The BBC got thousands of phone calls and letters of people wondering what the hell it was they just saw. Therefore the producers decided they would bring Jeffrey Daniels over again for the next week. Trix and all the other youngsters where prepared this time, video tapes ready in their VCRs. Watching this video then, learning the popping moves and taking them to the club was Trix’s first experience with Hip Hop Dancing. A few months later the Rock Steady video was shown on TV and England discovered another form of Hip Hop dance—Breaking! A local Nottingham club, the Rock City club decided to form and sponsor a crew to perform in the club and to send them around the country to promote it.
About 40 kids auditioned for that and Trix and 9 other guys got picked. The Rock City Crew was born! Through performing and travelling with his crew Trix developed his talent not only as a B-Boy but also as an MC and utilised both talents for their shows. Apart from Breaking and MCing Trix discovered Roller Skating. He integrated breaking moves into his roller disco performances and thus he won the roller disco championships of the Midlands twice, in 1985 and 86. He might be the only rapping and breaking MC on wheels! In 1986, to burn off more of his unlimited energy, Trix got into playing American Football. What started as amusement and exercise turned into a passion and became another important part of his life. Apart from Hip Hop and American Football Trix takes big pleasure in spending time with the most important person in his life — his beloved 7-year-old daughter Candice Daisy who already shows signs of having the same talents in performing arts as her father. Trix became an international icon ever since he started hosting the world’s biggest breaking event in 1995, the annual International Battle of the Year in Brunswick, Germany. Breakers from all over the world get together once a year to determine which country has the best breaking crew. The videos produced at the event find their way into the home of every b-boy and b-girl and so even the ones who did not manage to go on the annual pilgrimage to B-Boy Mecca yet, know Trix from the videos and his famous mantra: “…and tonight you’re gonna see some breaking and some rapping and some breaking and some scratching and some breaking and some popping and some breaking and some locking and some breaking and some graffiti and some breaking and then you’re gonna see some more breaking…”