Beep (Ernestas Bogdanov) is a Lithuanian MC and beatboxer based in Vilnius. Also he is a host of a Hip Hop radio talk show “Few Words” (“Pora Žodžių“) on independent radio station StartFM. As he is a part of Lithuanian Beatbox Family, in the recent years he became the organizer of annual Lithuanian Beatbox Battle. Therefore as an MC he is not only a solo act but a part of a big rap collective called Fist2Fist Clik. During the years Beep has been a friend with a lot of Lithuanian dancers and is constantly contributing to Lithuanian street dance scene by hosting the battles, jams and various dance events.
As he says: “Me as the Hiphoppa, I want to be involved into all of the elements and it’s a big honor to be able to host one of the biggest street dance events in Lithuania – Vilnius Street Battle! See ya on the dancefloor b-boys and b-girls!”