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Vilnius Street Battle » MAMSON (FRA)


MaMSoN (Mamé Mamson Diarra) is a world known dancer from France. In 1996 he made his first dance steps in NOISIEL (Parisian suburb). He began with the Breakdance and was quickly spotted by WANTED POSSE in 1999. After becoming a member of this crew he got the name “MaMSoN.” This was a defining moment for him because his vision of dance took a different turn. Mamson is an internationally recognized dancer, constantly travelling around the world to judge and teach. Short summary of his battle achievements: SDK 2006 & 2007 (Czech Republic), House Dance International NYC 2010 (USA), Cercle Underground 2010 (France), House Dance UK 2010 (United Kingdom), Funkyn Stykez 2011 (Germany), Juste Debout Steez 2012 (France), World Dance Colosseum 2012 (Japan), Supreme Cercle Underground 2014 (France), Street Dance Camp Japan 2015 (Japan), Aim High World Final 2016 (South Korea), Master Cup Vol.4 2016 (China), Back To The Style 2017 (Italy), Dance @live Hero’s 2017 (Japan), Free Spirit 2017 (Germany)…