Vilnius Street Battle 2017 results

This year Vilnius Street Battle 2017 attracted around 400 participants from all over Europe

– dancers came from Lithuania, Belarus, Czeck Republic, Spain, Germany, Estonia, France, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and UK ! The party was on fire, our guest judges (Caleaf [USA], Stylez C [Switzerland], Franqey [France], Bboy Wing [South Korea], Bgirl AT [Finland], Bboy Kuzya [Poland] ) were impressed not only by the level of dancers who came to participate, but also by the good organization.

Hip-Hop 3×3
1st place – Ayelite / Ghost flow (Netherlands/Ukraine)
2nd place – Team Germany (Germany)
3rd place– Izabela, Lil‘K, Jade (Russia, Lithuania, France)
House 1×1
1st place – Gavr (Belarus)
2nd place – Viktor Rymaido (Lithuania)
3rd place – Dasha Jigaboo (Belarus)
Popping 1×1
1st place – Shwartz (Lithuania)
2nd place – Tweetson (Poland)
3rd place – Kaczorex (Poland)
Breikas 3×3
1st place – Avalanche (Belarus)
2nd place – Battlejuice (Ukraine/Russia)
3rd place – Tigerz (Belarus)
Toprock 1×1
1st place –Bboy Mazz (Belarus)
2nd place – Kettu Brown (Russia)
3rd place – Surwi (Poland)
Bgirl 1×1 (NEW!)
1st place – Bgirl Angieone (Ukraine)
2nd place – Bgirl Masha (Lithuania)
3rd place – Bgirl Ivona (Lithuania)
Breaking kids 1×1
1st place – Nixter (Estonia)
2nd place – Bgirl Ksyusha (Latvia)
3rd place – Bboy Moras (Latvia)
Hip-Hop kids 1×1
1st place – Ignas (Lithuania)
2nd place – Atėnė (Lithuania)
3rd place – Wiktoria (Poland)
1st place – „1st Cut“ (Germany)
2nd place – „B.F. Team“ (Belarus)
3rd place – „Back2school“ (Russia)