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Vilnius Street Battle


Vilnius Street Battle  is the biggest annual street dance competition in Lithuania – this year once again taking place @ Art factory LOFTAS (Švitrigailos g. 29, Vilnius) on 24th of February 2018. There you will see real street dance battles, where dancers from more than 20 countries compete against each other in 4vs4 TEAM BATTLES category. You will also see street dance shows, judges showcases, you‘ll hear a lot of good music. Vilnius Street Battle always stays fresh, and this year there will be Kids categories – Breaking kids 1vs1 and Hip-hop kids 1vs1.

If you have ever watched those popular music videos or movies about dance and dreamed of partying among these great dancers, we have good news for you ! Vilnius Street Battle is an event not only for professional dancers, but for curious people as well. Spectators are a big part of the party – MCs contstantly keep you hyped and on your feet, moreover, inspired by the talent and energy of the greatest dancers, you will find yourself dancing together with them at the afterparty !

It is an all day-all night event – at 12pm dancers are gathering for the registration and preselections, spectators are welcome to come to the main part of the event, which starts at 19, although if you are really interested you may come and watch preselections with the same ticket ! Tickets for spectators available online here. And don‘t forget to come and party with us at the official VSB Afterparty (info soon).

Competition starts in:

2019/02/23 17:00:00


Vilnius Street Battle 2018 winners

“Vilnius Street Battle 2018” has put the whole city on it’s feet dancing to hip-hop rhytms. Judges: Superdave (USA), MaMSon (FRA), Ness Westgang (FRA) and Bboy Xisco (NL) had a tough decision to make when selecting the winners. There were participants not only from Lithuania, but also Germany, England, France, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Russia.  

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Official Vilnius Street Battle 2018 Afterparty

Let’s celebrate dance, let’s celebrate life! Every good event ends with the best part of it – the AFTERPARTY!
Official Vilnius Street Battle 2018 party for dancers and spectators will take place at the same venue (Art factory LOFTAS, Švitrigailos g. 29, Vilnius) at 23:00. 

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Competition venue:

  • Švitrigailos g. 29, Vilnius, Lithuania (Art factory LOFTAS)

Workshops venue: